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Interview Questions

Power BI Interview Questions(1-20)
  • What is Power BI ?
  • What is Power BI Service ?
  • What is Power BI Desktop ?
  • Can you create a reports with Power BI Service ?
  • What are differences between Power BI Services and Power BI Desktop ?
  • Can you take data from different Data Sources in Power BI ?
  • Can you create a Power BI Report by taking data from two differenet Datasets ?
  • Can you take data from Power BI Service into Power Bi Desktop ?
  • How can you Publish Power BI Report?
  • What is Dashboard ?
  • It is combination various visualizations from Various Reports.
  • Can you publish Dashboard ?
  • We can not publish Dashbord. We can share Dashboard with users.
  • What is Workspace ?
  • We can create Workspace to store/create Dashboards, Reports, Datasets and Worksheets
  • What are difference between My Workspace and App Workspace?
  • Can we get alert mail, if there you reach your goal in your Business ?
  • How do you know, if there is changes in the Dashboard/Report ?
  • How can you share the Power BI Report ?
  • How the users can see the reports?
Power BI Interview Questions (21-40)
  • How do you know the usage metrics of the Power BI report?
  • Are you sharing the Reports to Public or Private ?
  • What is Workbook in Power BI ?
  • What is Dataset ?
  • What is Report ?
  • What is On-demand Refresh ?
  • If you want to check whether is working or not, then we use on-demand refresh
  • If the schedule is failed, then we can use on-demand refresh
  • What is Scheduling Refresh ?
  • What is Power BI Data Gateway ?
  • How can you get the latest data from Databases to the Power BI Report ?
  • Who can install and configur Data Gateway ? Do you have experiance on it ?
  • What is the usage of Subscriptions in Power BI ?
  • Can you edit the Reports in Power BI Service ?
  • Can you add the new fields in Power BI Service ?
  • Can you read data from Webpage, if Yes, How can you do it ?
  • How many types of ways are there to pull data from Database into Power BI Desktop ?
  • Can you take data from Database and SSAS Tabular Model into Power BI Desktop ?
  • What is Import?
  • What is Direct Query?
  • Diffirences between Import and Direct Query ?
  • Can you publish Power BI Report, if the size of the file is more than 1GB?
  • If you are getting data from different data sources, How can you consolidate the data in Power BI?
  • What is Power Query?
  • What is Merge Queries?
  • What is Append Queries ?
  • What is Modeling in Power BI ? What is the use of it? How do you know, to use Modeling ?
  • Can you create table in Power BI ?, If yes, How can you do it ?
  • Can you create conditional based column in Power BI with Power Query?
  • How can you get the difference between two dates?
Power BI Interview Questions (41-60)
  • What Join types are there in Power BI?
  • What is the difference between SQL joins and Power BI join types ?
  • Can you create a column by selecting specific columns in Power Query ?
  • What issues, you faced when you are taking data from Excel file into Power BI?
  • Can you append data, if the order of the columns or names of the columns are diffierent ?
  • What is the use of Table Visualization?
  • What is Matrix ? Did you use it in your project ?
  • What is Stepped layout ? Where did you use it ?
  • What is Stacked Column Chart?
  • What is the use of Tooltip?
  • What is the use conditional formatting ? How can you it?
  • What is "Color By Rule" ?
  • It is used to provide specific color for specific condition Ex: If SAL is less than 1000 then background color is Red If SAL is greater than or equal to 2000 and less than 3000 then background color is "Yellow"Else "Green"
  • What are the types of filters ?
  • Report Filter, Page Level filter, Visual level filter and Drill through filter
  • What is the Interaction ?
  • Can you move measure from one table to other table ?
  • What is Quick Measure ? What is the use of it ?
  • What is Slicer ?
  • Can you provide dropdown for the Slicer ?
Power BI Interview Questions (61-more)
  • Can you select more than one item in the Slicer ?
  • You have selected values for the Slicer but can you clear all values at one shot ?
  • Can you provide searching option in the Slicer ?
  • Can you create table with DAX in Power BI?
  • Can you create more than aggreagted field using Power Query
  • How can you get first 3 characters from date to show month name ?
  • How can you get the experiance or Age ?
  • What is Pie Chart ?
  • Can you show more items in Pie Chart ?
  • If you are not able to keep in Pie or Donaught chart, then what is the solution ? Treemap
  • Can you sort a colum by another column ?
  • What is the differences between SUM and SUMX functions?
  • What is FILTER function ?
  • What is expression to get First Name and Last Name from Full Name using DAX ? LEFT, RIGHT, LEN, FIND
  • Can you create Variables in Power BI ?
  • What is Row Level Security (RLS)
  • It is used to restrict the data based on access level. We can create Roles in Power BI Desktop but we can handle it in the Power BI Service.
  • Do we need to schedule the report to get the latest data from SSAS tabular model ?
  • No need to schedule the report, if you are getting data from SSAS tabular model but we need Data Gateway.
  • What Gatway you are using ?
  • We are using Recommended Gateway.
  • Actual, Prior, Budget, Forecast, MTD, QTD, YTD, YoY(Actual - Prior), %YoY(YoY/Prior), VTB(Actual-Budget), %VTB (Actual - Budget)/Budget, VTF, %VTF
  • Travel Pack, PnL, WCB Finance, Budget Eye, Forecast Eye
  • Revenue Performance



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